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    Dashville Skyline... So many beautiful memories

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    Houtenplank - Plank Enthusiast - Mel

  • The Stag 3

    3 Local Live Venues You Should Be Visiting!

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    PLACES WE LOVE: The Stag

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    Where else are there such incredibly beautiful beaches stacked up practically against the inner-city...

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    @moneyperry with a beautiful view of Newcastle.

The Original Art & Culture zine for Newcastle - Newcastle Mirage!

Newcastle Mirage is a monthly Art & Culture Zine printed and distributed across the Greater Newcastle area. Hundreds of local cafes, bars and retail locations stock our magazine and can be collected for FREE while stocks last. Mirage is a limited print production to ensure Novocastrians get out and enjoy the beautiful city and because we hate waste! Mirage bore out of a need in the community for a print media that informs Newcastle about the rich and exciting society that we have here. An invention from two like-minded creatives; Ryan Williams and Kian West, who have enlisted some of Newcastle’s greatest artists, journalists and innovative groups to help us keep each other informed.

Our passion is fueled by two basic ideas: Promote Newcastle and Novocastrians, and be positive about everything we include. Every month the Newcastle Mirage aims to inspire people to want more from our great city, to speak positively about the locals, and to help out where possible. We know that together there is more that we can achieve, and when we think about it, Newcastle really is an amazing place to live. Here at Newcastle Mirage we are driven to supply exciting news from the city about local Arts and Culture, as it is produced by a great bunch of Novocastrians who are genuinely excited by local events, fantastic people and incredible shops.

While we love giving away Mirage for FREE to inspire the community we do also offer a subscription option so you can secure a copy every issue and it also helps us to continue doing what we love in the hopes others do too. Think of it like your own personal pat-on-the-back… Check it out here.

If you aren’t ready to take the jump into a purchase, sign-up to our monthly email newsletter to keep in-the-loop with where and when we are delivering plus all the cool events and stuff we are a part of SIGN-UP-HERE.